Charcoal briquettes «GLAVZHAR» — an environmentally friendly product, obtained by hard extrusion of class A charcoal fractions.

Duration of the „working“ burning of wood-charcoal briquettes is 240 minutes, in contrast with usual charcoal, which burns 1-1.5 hours. Briquettes complete combustion time is 360 minutes. Buying wood-charcoal briquettes at almost the same price as the charcoal, you can use them three times longer, which gives substantial savings.

Constancy of the temperature at «working» combustion during 240 minutes sets wood-coal briquettes apart from usual charcoal briquettes.

The ability to use wood-coal briquettes repeatedly: After their use, they can be filled with water, when exposed to sunlight and wind briquettes dry and are ready to be used again.

Advantages of «GlavZhar» wood-coal briquettes:
  • Wood-charcoal briquettes do not spark during burning
  • Do not crush during transportation
  • Wood-coal briquettes do not raise dust;
  • Surpass on quality indicators raw wood material
  • By burning time and calorific value — surpass charcoal
  • Wood-coal briquettes burn without smoke
  • Low ash content — allowed residual content max 10%
  • Wood- coal briquettes burn up to 3 times longer than charcoal, which makes their use economically profitable
  • Wood-coal briquettes can be reused, if pre-dried
  • Ecological cleanness — wood-coal briquettes are especially recommended for use in food industry