Chef Gavrilov restaurant cooks Bandura with GlavZhar briquettes

Dmitry Gavrilov, famous in culinary art circles chef, opens the Chef Gavrilov restaurant chain.

The uniqueness of the restaurant is a modern, non-standard grill machine called “Bandura”, which is made specifically for this restaurant. GanZhar charcoal briquettes are used as fuel for it. Guests of the Taste of Moscow 2017 festival, which was held in Sokolniki Park from 22 to 25 June, were the first to try this. The rest is waiting for the opening of the restaurant.

Dmitry Gavrilov is a famous chef of Moscow. He worked in the following restaurants: “There is time”, “Shinok”, “American Grill Bar”, “Temple Bar”, “Uryuk”. He gained fame thanks to the shooting in the program “Good Morning” on Channel 1 and on the channel “Kitchen TV”. Фдыщ ру ещщл 2nd place in the competition “Best Cook 2008” from the IAC and 3rd place in the nomination 3-tiered cake at the “PIR 2005”. Conducted culinary master classes at different sites in Moscow. Specialist in Uzbek cuisine. He became a member of the “My Family” radio program, which dedicated to Uzbek cooking.