PHOTO REPORT: GlavZhar at the Taste of Moscow 2017 festival

 The Taste of Moscow summer festival was held in the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow on June 25th. It gathered the most popular restaurants in the city, as well as chefs from Russia and Europe, in order to demonstrate and let them try new dishes. And where meat or fish is fried, coal briquettes GlavZhar are always near!

Together with the team of the restaurant “Chef Gavrilov” we tested the Glavzhar briquettes on the new equipment called “Bandura”. Briquettes showed amazing heat characteristics, working more than 12 hours.

Bandura, that was cooked on the GlavZhar briquettes, became one of the most popular dishes among festival guests. 

During the festival, testing of coal briquettes GlavZhar was conducted in other restaurants, we met old friends and new ones.


Esik, “Panaekhali” restaurant chef

Eugene, chef of “Voronezh” snack bar

Dmitiy, chef of  “Serdex”

Damir, chef of “Latinos” restaurant

Valentin, chef of the restaurant “Jan Primus”

Alexey, chef of the restaurant “Komu zhit khorosho”