The buyer chooses the «GlavZhar» wood-coal briquettes for convenience, functional packaging, and innovative consumer properties of the briquettes, correct price and high quality ensure stable sales and profitable cooperation «GlavZhar».

Product of the national manufacturing

Wood-coal briquettes «GlavZhar» are made from high quality natural domestic raw materials on the newest Russian equipment. Ingredients: fines of A 1 grade charcoal. Forming of briquettes produced by hard extruded with a minimum addition of environmentally friendly binders.

Modern equipment

Products are manufactured on Russian equipment using technologies that are of modern design and one of the best in the world. All production processes such as: dispensing, preparing of mixture, product pressing, drying, stabilization and packaging of finished products are fully automated. Computer control and management of the entire process requires only one operator and one technician.

Convenient packaging

Wood-coal briquettes «GlavZhar» packed in colorful craft bags with handle, weight of 2 and 3 kg. This package format is the most popular among buyers. Colorful, eye-catching design of «GlavZhar» packaging highlights briquettes on shelves. Craft package provides secure storage and transportation of the product.

Innovative product

«GlavZhar» briquettes — are a high-tech fuel relative to normal charcoal, as well as to other fuels. The main advantage of wood-coal briquettes — is long burning 4-5 hours while maintaining a constant high stable temperature above 250 ° C required for cooking. 1 kg of «GlavZhar» briquettes replaces 3 kg of charcoal. Briquettes burn without flame, smoke and soot. Low ash content — allowed residual content max 10%.

Ease of use

Ease of ignition. Duration of the „working“ burning of wood-charcoal briquettes is 240 minutes while maintaining a constant temperature of over 250 ° C. The ability to apply briquettes repeatedly: just fill with water, leave the grill / barbecue for future use!

For Restaurants

Especially for cafes and restaurants, we offer special conditions for the implementation.

  • Free delivery  on the next day after order is placed
  • Flexible system of discounts
  • Trial 3kg bag, for free!
  • Possibility of deferred payment

Fast delivery allows us not to hold stock of coal in stock, and receive the volume that you require in time.

Briquettes burn three times longer than charcoal, thus you need less space for storage.

Main qualities of «GlavZhar» briquettes

  • Wood-charcoal briquettes do not spark during burning;
  • Do not crush during transportation;
  • Wood-coal briquettes do not raise dust;
  • By burning time and calorific value — surpass charcoal
  • Wood-coal briquettes burn without smoke;
  • Low ash content — allowed residual content max 10%;
  • Wood- coal briquettes burn up to 3 times longer than charcoal, which makes their use economically profitable;
  • Wood-coal briquettes can be reused, if pre-dried;
  • Ecological cleanness — wood-coal briquettes are especially recommended for use in food industry.

All products are certified and have the original packaging!

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